Q1. If I am the seller, do I put my properties on the site or app?

No. You will only input the exact type of properties and prices of what you are selling and get the exact leads that match.

Q2. If I am the buyer, how do I see any properties?

You will not see any properties on this site. Once you put in your desired property a seller or its agent will contact you directly. You can ask for any pictures at that time.

Q3. How do I know if the seller really owns the property?

TBM recommends you do all the same due diligence you would do with any other way you would purchase a property.

Q4. If I am the seller, how do I cancel my subscription?

You should email consumercare@thebuyermarket.com at least 48 hours be auto renewal date.

Q5. If I am the buyer, how do I deactivate my account after I found my home?

You can find the deactivate button in the drop down screen on your dashboard page.